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  • Why I will never recommend a Prong Collar for a Dog

    Prong collars are still extremely popular with many dog owners. They are generally made of metal chain with prongs which tightens around a dog’s neck when the handler pulls or jerks back on the leash. Aversive trainers will often use prong collars[...]

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    Why Do Some Small Dogs  Burrow?

    One of my dogs Beans, has a large personality. He makes sure that he is known to the world, despite his small size. Rudy on the other hand, is shy around people and takes time to warm up. Yet, both have the same habit of hiding under any type of [...]

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    Dogs and Hypothyroidism

    Over the past year we had noticed changes in our 10-year-old chocolate lab, Chloe. She gained weight even though her diet had not changed, her hair and skin were dull and patchy in areas, and she grew “lazy”. We chalked some of it up to her [...]

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    Why Do Cats Knead?

    Have you ever wondered why your cat kneads? Whether it be it on your chest, back, a fresh blanket out of the dryer, or even sometimes your hair? This behavior lends itself to the endearing quirkiness of cats. And, if you’re lucky enough, your [...]

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    A Dog's Bedtime Prayer

    This could not be any more fitting should your dog have a bedtime prayer (and he/she probably does)! If this made you smile, don’t forget to share! A Dog’s Bedtime Prayer Now I lay me down to sleep, The king-sized bed is soft and [...]

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